Monday, February 8, 2010

Krystal Black Visits Pierre Silber

Last Friday, we were fortunate to have in our warehouse store Krystal Black. One of the featured CD's in publications such as Ladylike magazine. As Krystal and I started talking I could not help but notice how good she passed. We were fortunate to see some of her pictures on and as we started talking I really became curious to know more about her. Krystal has been dressing since the early 1980's. In the early days, Krystal would do gender illusionist performances mostly in San Francisco. Over the years however, she keeps more to herself and dresses with her close friends. Krystal's first experience dressing came when she was 8 or 9 years old when at the time his mother and sister dressed him up as a girl for a Halloween party. He was so convincing that no one knew who he was. After that experience, it changed his life. He began experimenting with his sister's clothing and makeup. During college, Krystal did not come out and went into hibernation. Years later after college, Krystal was reborn and a new calling for Krystal was born. gender illusionist. When you go out as Krystal, what do you feel and what can you explain to others about yourself? "I think the best way to understand me is that when I went out it wasn't to be noticed/clocked as a tg/cd/tv, but to be recognized and treated as a woman. I was able to do that well for a long time, and no one knew the difference. I think a lot of folks never knew I was a man, until I told them." Today, Krystal splits her time as a man with his guy friends, playing golf, other days, Krystal needs to "sooth her soul and spend the day as Krystal."

You can try to find more images of Krystal Black on Flickr. You will have to ask for permission to do so. She is fabulous and her images definitely show how amazing she really is. You can also see Krystal on the cover of LadyLike magazine which is no longer in publication. Some of this article came directly out of the Ladylike article about Krystal Black. Krystal has been a long time Pierre Silber customer and as you can see some of the shoes and outfits are from our store. If you have articles or would like to be a part of our Blog please e-mail us at Click here to go to the Pierre Silber website and go shopping!


Krystal said...

It was a pleasure, once again, to shop here. The staff is so tg friendly, and helpful. They're the beat at feeding my fetish interests, especially in hose and heels. It's a fun place.

Anonymous said...

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