Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lori trying the Pole from Twirly Girl Pole Dancing School

Lori came to Pierre Silber with her Pole Dancing school "Twirly Girls" of Pleasanton. She is relatively new to pole dancing but had the nerve to get up on Pierre's stage. As you can see Lori is a beautiful woman who has been working out for 4 months. Twirly Bird not only offers Lori a place to get into shape but she has been making many friends many friends and having lots of fun too. Lori says pole dancing takes her out of her comfort zone. Lori finds that pole dancing has definitely helped stregthen her arms and legs. Pole dancing is quite a workout. She likes it so much she installed a pole in her office. That way she doesn't have to come to Pierre's to practice. Twirly Girl is a new pole dancing fitness studio located in Pleasanton California.

Pole dancing fitness is definitely finding a new home for not only exotic dancers but women looking for a good workout. If you have never been on a pole before you have to give pole dancing a try. You will find it is definitely harder then it looks.

Gain more confidence, meet friends, and have fun. That's what pole dancing fitness is about.

Do you have a good story about pole dancing or are you taking pole dancing classes? We want to hear from you. Contact with your pictures and stories.

To hear more about lori go to her blog at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sexy Mari uses the Stage for Photo Shoot!

Sexy Mari, one of Pierre Silber's long time friends, used the stage last week for a photo shoot. Mari has been featured on the cover of many magazines and publications. Many people remember our old stage with all the lights on Park Ave. This stage is even better for photo shoots or just trying on costumes and looking fabulous.