Friday, February 12, 2010

Alina Malletti at Pierre Silber

Today, we are fortunate to have with us Alina Malletti. Alina has been a friend of Pierre Silber for over 12 years now. So after all this time, we finally were able to really talk with Alina about who Alina is.
Alina has been doing female impersonations for over 12 years now all over Northern California and America. She is a former Ms. Gay Universe winner and has qualified several times for and placed 2nd and 3rd as Ms Gay America. She is a professional drag queen and performs in many clubs and events around San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

Alina first started performing at the age of 27 when he first moved from the Mid-West out to California. “In the mid-west especially in Ohio, being black and dressing as a woman is not acceptable. I remember an old boyfriend of mine, a white guy from Virginia, told me he could never bring me home to meet his parents because I was black. So I came out to California and have been doing drag since.”
Since Alina was young, he knew that he was gay. He did not know that he was going to be a drag queen but he did know that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. “I’m an actor and being a female impersonator lets me do that. From the point I put on my makeup to the time I take it off I’m in that mode.” Once I am done, I am back to my male self and I go home to my husband and 2 kids.

At the age of 16, Alina started to buy his sisters their clothing. Once they were out of the house however, he would dress up in their clothes. “I did not have any sexual feelings when I dressed up, I just wanted to wear women’s clothing. I was really more involved with sports but I really liked putting on women’s clothes. My mother used to tell me that when I was young I loved to just rub my hands on her pantyhose, I love the feeling of pantyhose.”

At the age of 21, Alina(as a man) had his first sexual experience with a woman. I have always been attracted to women but I always knew I was gay. At 21, I had been dating a woman for 3 years who I thought I loved. She looked just like my first love Linda Carter (Wonder Woman), and being a good Christian boy, I thought this is what I was supposed to be and do. We broke up 2 months after. I don’t believe it was because we had sex, I just believe we were not being who we wanted to be. She is now a lesbian. I believe that women are the most beautiful thing, I’m just not attracted to what’s between their legs.”

Two years later, Alina came out for the first time. “A couple of my friends were going to a Halloween party and all of them were dressing as women. I decided to dress up and go with them. That night, there was a contest for the best looking costume and I won. From that moment I knew I wanted to feel beautiful and perform. I liked the attention: I never got that type of attention as a man. After that night I started performing, but the other performers were really mean and told me I had no talent, I was ugly, and why was I even out here. At that point, I was a boy drag or a boy in a dress. I found out that I was not as pretty as I thought I was. After awhile it got to me so I stopped performing after only one year. I then became a flight attendant and didn’t have time to perform anymore.”

When did you start performing again? “When I moved out here from Ohio, I started to dabble a little bit in drag. I remember walking into Pierre Silber about 12 years ago and buying my high heels and sexy clothing. I must have been around 27 and started to perform soon after. At 29 I won my first big pageant, Ms. Gay Universe.”
So tell me about Alina? Is Alina a person? “No, Alina is a part of me but not a real person. When I am a man, that’s the real me, Alina is what I strive to be. Alina doesn’t drink, do drugs, have sex and is a really good girl. She is what I want to be as a man.” So has Alina ever had sex? “No, Alina is a virgin and will always stay a virgin.” What if someone offered you money or what if your husband wanted to be with Alina? “Alina is a good girl and even if my husband wanted to be with Alina I would tell him no. However, I do get hit on quite a bit. Mostly from straight married men. But I try to let them down easy. I tell them they need to go home, and have a talk with their wife and they want to be a bottom.” What is a bottom? “You know, sexually, tell their wife they need to be the man role and they want to be the bottom. I remember once when a guy gave me a thousand dollars to walk down a flight of stairs. Of course I took his money and walked down the stairs. Once we were down however, he put the moves on me and when I refused, he told me he gave me a thousand dollars, so I told him he gave me a thousand dollars to walk down the stairs, not to do that. So I called security and had him escorted out.”

So is Alina gay or straight? “The way I see sex and drag as Alina, Alina is an allusion so how can you have sex with an illusion? Alina tries to be what straight men and lesbians are attracted to. I want to be Playboy sexy not Cosmo sexy.” So, if Alina was to have sexy with your husband, would you consider that gay sexy? “If Alina was to have sexy with a man, I guess it would be considered gay sex. But my husband is not attracted to women so he would never be interested in me as Alina. Alina is not gay, Alina is A Sexual. I consider myself a gay man who has too much fashion sense for one gender.”

What does the future hold for Alina? “For now I am still performing and am going to start up different pageants. I am doing a Ms. Lesbian Pageant. I really love sports. I would love to be the first female impersonating sports broadcaster. That would bring the two things I love doing together, entertaining and sports.”

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