Tuesday, December 4, 2007

High Heels - Funny Commercials

Here are a couple of Commercials that I find funny from Pierre Silber. One of the commercials is about High Heels and Sexy Shoes and the other one is about Sexy Halloween Costumes. These are the type of commercials I would love to see all over the place. It reminds me when Wendy's had the Were's the Beef commercials. These are something that have been thought out and not mass-produced with big budgets. Take a look and pass them along to someone you know. They will get a good laugh out of these.

Our very own Fairy God-Mother helping to find the right costume... This commercial is titled "Look what happens when you don't say "Pierre Silber.com"!!!"

This commercial is titled, "Nice Shoes..." I hope you enjoy this one...

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